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Hiking and Riding

Each Hike or Ride adventure comes with driving directions to the trailhead, distance data, an elevation graph, and downloadable Turn-by-Turn picture directions to guide you while you are on the trail. 

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Hike Mt. Baldy

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Our videos are meant to inspire and inform. So watch carefully to get a good idea of the kind of terrain and scenery you will encounter

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How to hike Mt. Baldy

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Helpful Tips


An Out and Back begins and ends at the same location. You will go out and return by the same route.

A Loop also begins and ends at the same location, but you will go out and return by different routes.

Drop-off and Pick-up is a one-way route beginning and ending at different locations.  This requires two vehicles (one parked at the beginning and one at the end) or the use of a ride service. When a Drop-off and Pick-up type is an option, beginning and ending locations are provided in the map.


Don't worry if the name of the trail you are on doesn't match the title of the adventure you picked. The titles you see are the names of the Adventure and not necessarily the name of the Trail.  Following the Turn by Turn directions will guide you on a specific route which may follow a single trail or may require switching on to multiple trails. 

Plan Ahead

The great outdoors doesn't always come with great cell phone coverage. Plan for losing cell service by saving driving directions, Turn-by-Turn photos, and other information to your phone. 


Paddling instead? We will guide you to put-in and take-out locations. Your specific route is up to you. Watch the video to see what kind of water and scenery to expect.

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Kayak Fish Lake West

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