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Searching for paths to hike, trails to bike, or places to kayak near Duluth and the North Shore? Finding yourself lost in a sea of maps, tourist websites, and less-than-helpful trail ratings and directions? We want to help you find that Perfect Adventure!

Whether hiking, paddling, or riding, our ready-made, self-guided excursions are designed to give you the confidence to know where you are going and what you will find when you get there. The result is a stress-free, easy to plan, outdoor experience. All you have to do is Select an Adventure, View the Data, Get the Directions, and Go! 

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Our Mission

We moved to Minnesota in February 2018 and continue to be impressed by the amazing beauty and variety of outdoor adventures the North Shore provides. But as a couple with careers and young children we understand the difficulty of making time to enjoy the great outdoors and the frustration of trying to find that perfect activity when you only have one chance to get it right. This is what moved us to create a website that does the exploratory work for you; So you can enjoy your time in nature without spending hours on your phone searching for information. We invite you to grow with us as we continue to add trips to our collection by expanding our coverage outward from Duluth. Whether you are a North Shore resident, an annual vacationer, or a first-time visitor, we hope you will discover something new or be newly inspired to enjoy the many opportunities Duluth and the North Shore have to offer.